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Freelance copywriter at your service

I started off long, long ago as a news reporter (how long ago? Let’s just say in those days press releases arrived in the mail or via the fax machine). That’s where I learnt how to find a story – often out of nothing – and tell it well. 

It was the craft of writing that really fired me up, so I switched to sub-editing so I could spend my days writing headlines, perfecting copy and writing snappy intros.

I  was chief sub-editor for seven years at Monocle magazine. I also subbed for the Guardian, the FT, NHS Choices, the First Post, Reuters customer magazine and too many other websites and publications to list. 

Subbing was great training for copywriting. It’s all about wordplay, zoning in on what needs to be said, and then saying it as succinctly as possible. It’s about drawing in the reader and keeping their attention, and getting the tone of voice just right. 

As a freelance copywriter I’ve written web copy for the University of East London, fundraising letters for charities and tone-of-voice guidelines for a medical publisher.

I learned how you build a skyscraper when I was writing case studies for the structural engineering group Arup. And I’ve written about what goes into designing the Nike and Uniqlo stores, for the Japanese design studio Wonderwall. 

I provide all kinds of copywriting services and editing too – I’m skilled at taking a piece of copy and whipping it into shape (see my copy clinic service). 

Get in touch to find out more about what I can do for you and your business.