Winkreative selected Works


Winkreative: Brochure

Winkreative is a branding and design and communications agency based in London. I was commissioned to write all the copy for their beautiful showcase brochure for prospective clients, highlighting their best work (such as Beyond Magazine for Lexus). As copywriters themselves, it had to be good. I spoke to management, account managers designers and clients to pinpoint why each project was a success. Then I wrote, edited it in inDesign and proofread it. 


Richmond International: Website and brochures

This is a great client – an interior design studio specialising in luxury hotels. I wrote their entire website, their profile brochure and their fee proposal document, setting out their stall for potential clients.


Richmond International
University of East London


The University of East London: Website

At a time when universities have to go all out to sell themselves, the University of East London relaunched its website with a new look and feel, simpler navigation and a more student-focused tone of voice. As one of a team of three copywriters, I interviewed academic staff and students and wrote and rewrote all the web pages, including subject pages. Here’s some sample copy.


The Outward Bound Trust:
Fundraising mail-out

The Outward Bound Trust is the UK’s leading outdoor education charity. I was commissioned to write a letter targeting high-net-worth individuals, asking them to find out more about becoming a supporter of the charity. You can read a sample of the copy here.

Richmond International
Streetchild United


Moving Brands: Online case studies 

The London-based design and branding agency commissioned me to write new case studies, talking about their recent projects for their website redesign. I interviewed designers, managers and the CEO, and revamped the format and tone of voice.   



Streetchild United: Website 

Streetchild United is a UK charity that organises sports events for street children around the world. On a pro bono basis, via the Media Trust, I helped them with their website copy, rewriting much of it and giving it a more ‘human’  tone of voice (with less ‘sector-speak’). 


Streetchild United
Streetchild United


Elespacio: Newsletters, Facebook ads, banners & case studies

Elespacio is a boutique agency based in Berlin and Barcelona. As their regular copywriter, I’ve written PR material (case studies and newsletters about their work) and material for their clients (including Nespresso banner ads and People Per Hour Facebook ads).


Fantasy corner: Spec ads

These are written to briefs that don’t exist for clients that aren’t my clients. They’re just for fun and for practice and to keep my brain ticking when I have a spare five minutes. Take a look. 

Horniman robot zoo spec ad