Winkreative: the perfect development

This client, a London-based media brand, had been on the lookout for a new building for the growing team but had drawn a blank. So they decided to build their own. And then they decided that if they were going to build something, they might as well build a whole mixed-use development, for other like-minded businesses, residents and shops. All they needed was an architect, investors and others willing to join the project. This is a brochure handed out at a conference for urban planners and developers, describing the vision and calling for participants.

Sample text:

This is our blueprint for a new kind of mixed-use building in central London. Before we sat down at the drawing board, we asked what a development should be about. Our answer was: thoughtful design, a sense of community and a sense of home. A good building is designed for the people who live and work there and for the benefit of the neighbourhood. Anything else is unnecessary. Welcome to our new home, Midori Place.



The scene at street level is a lively mix of shops and services that meet every need. A flower stall, Trunk Clothiers, a bookshop, restaurants and a kioskafé sit beneath a row of elegant awnings, and a Japanese-style combini opens around the clock. At the back, the shops will fold out on to a leafy public courtyard that brings light into the building and provides handy through-routes for pedestrians.



The entrance will be solid and sturdy (wood and stone for the floors, no marble) and visitors wait in a lobby furnished with comfortable modernist classics. The helpful concierge is friendly and efficient and the security is subtle.



We share our building with a select band of small, creative companies, whose studios and workshops grace the fourth floor. The open staircase and communal spaces invite plenty of office-visiting and floor-hopping, which leads to shared ideas and new collaborations. This is where you’ll also find the gym – membership is discounted or free for residents.