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With over 300 brands available across more than 190 countries, every beer we make is part of its own story, with its own history and character, tailored to individual moments of joy the world over.

Led by our flagship global brand Heineken®, our beers and ciders are split into internationally renowned brands and beloved local and regional ones. Our craft and variety brands are meeting consumer demands for more choice the world over, as is our ever-growing roster of ciders.

Our flagship brand, Heineken®, is the world’s most valuable beer brand, a global icon that embodies the values and standards we commit to with all our other great beers and ciders.

People around the world love Heineken® because they know that no matter where they are when they open a bottle, they’re going to enjoy the same crisp, consistent quality that beer lovers have been enjoying for over a century.

Discover the Heineken® brand


An international presence to be proud of

Amstel, Desperados, Sol, Tiger and Birra Moretti: five very different beer brands with very different backgrounds that continue to redefine the gold standard for beer-drinking across the world.

Individually special, universally loved

Our international brands have carved out a distinctive place in the hearts and minds of consumers. They are the brands that people turn to for a memorable moment, wherever they are in the world.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate accompaniment to Asian food, or the rush that only a tequila-infused taste can bring, these are the brands that consumers around the world want – and expect – to see behind their favourite bars and in their favourite shops.

Regional and local brands

While our flagship and international brands strike a universal chord, we also recognise the importance of regional and local consumer preferences and trends.


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We’re present in more global markets than any other brewer, and have a portfolio of premium international beers to match. Each of these is a strong brand in its own right, with millions of litres sold around the world every year. It’s all thanks to our longstanding, deep relationship with each product and how it’s brewed. Discover some of these brands below.


“The world’s most local beer.” Our classic, golden Amstel Beer is sold in 115 markets, making it our second most international brand after Heineken®.  Along with its sister brands – Amstel Lager, Amstel Premium Pilsener, Amstel Light, Amstel Bright, Amstel Radler and Amstel ULTRA – it’s known, shared and loved by people all over the world.


We are proud of our roots in the golden Mexican sunshine. For over 120 years, our dedication to quality has been at the source of something truly unique: the opportunity to Taste The Sun.


Born in the melting-pot of Singapore in 1932, raised on the streets, shared at the street food table, Tiger is the beer with bite brewed to bring people from all walks of life together.

Birra Moretti

Birra Moretti is italian’s favourite beer. It is a quality beer made in the traditional way, which has remained almost unchanged since 1859. Only the best raw materials are used to make Birra Moretti, like a special blend of high-quality hops that gives it a unique, balanced bitter taste and fragrance.


Born in the heights of the Austrian Alps in Europe, Edelweiss’ traditional heritage can be traced back to 1646, making it one of the world’s first ever wheat beers. Featuring the finest ingredients, pure water and a hint of mountain herbs, giving it a smooth, refreshing feel, golden cloudiness and subtle, fruity aftertaste.


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Our global presence

Our unparalleled global presence sets us apart from our competitors. It allows us to draw on our regional strengths while remaining the world’s most international brewer.

More than 300 HEINEKEN brands are bringing great moments to consumers in over 190 countries – from the Americas to Asia-Pacific and from the Middle East to Europe. We’re building a lasting presence in emerging markets and continuing to evolve our offering in markets where we’ve always had a strong presence.

Wherever in the world we operate, we’re committed to long-term sustainable growth. We act as responsibly as we do innovatively. We think as locally as we do globally.


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