Lego Education

The agency True North commissioned me for this project for Lego Education, who were launching their Innovation Studios – a kind of classroom set-up – for schools in the US. I wrote the sales sheets, which helped the Lego sales team place products in schools, and the implementation guide explaining how to set the studios up.

Sample copy:


A school with a LEGO Education Innovation Studio is a front-runner school. It shows that you take an innovative approach to learning, and so raises your school’s educational reputation. A LEGO Education Innovation Studio is also a learning hub not just for the school but for the whole community. Alongside resources and training, we provide you with the tools to help you promote the studio, making sure everyone is excited about it as you are.


We hope you have been inspired by our introduction to the LEGO Education Innovation Studio. If you want to learn more and start building your own studio, simply contact your sales rep who will guide you through the first steps. You will have full support at every stage and, once your studio up and running, you’ll gain:

  • Higher educational achievement across the curriculum
  • Inspired, engaged students and motivated teachers
  • A space that shows you’re a front-runner school
  • Endless flexibility for fresh and exciting lessons
  • Support, guidance and service from LEGO Education

To order a LEGO Education Innovation Studio,  phone….


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