Sweep is an eco-tech start-up that produces carbon accounting software aimed at large corporations. As the first and only copywriter, I took care of everything from in-product copy to newsletters and from social media to articles on climate change. 


Target is a fintech company, part of Target Group, which has created an online mortgage lending platform for banks. As the first and only copywriter they’d worked with, I defined the tone of voice, wrote the guidelines and wrote UX copy for the product itself. Maybe I’m just a nerd, but it was one of my favourite projects to date. Read sample copy.

Richmond International

Roomi App: Tube ads

Roomi is a flatsharing app for people who have a room to rent out or who want to find flatmates. They asked me to write the tube ads for the London launch. Click here for the series.  


London Business School

I helped the leading business school to migrate to a new website, with a new tone of voice. I rewrote content, wrote it from scratch, interviewed alumni, students and governors, and built pages using templates. I now write the copy for regular ad-hoc projects including paid and organic social posts, course information brochures and blogs. Read some samples.



The University of East London: Website

At a time when universities have to go all out to sell themselves, the University of East London relaunched its website with a new look and feel, simpler navigation and a more student-focused tone of voice. As one of a team of three copywriters, I interviewed academic staff and students and wrote and rewrote all the web pages, including subject pages. Here’s some sample copy.


CRM copywriting

Depop is an app for buying and selling second-hand clothes, aimed at Gen Z. I wrote newsletters, push notifications, in-app splashes and more, targeting customers (sellers and buyers) at all stages of their journey.  Read sample copy.


Heineken: Corporate web content

Heineken updated its website with a fresher look and feel and needed words to go with it. As part of a small team at Investis Digital, I rewrote hundreds of pages, choosing the relevant templates and components. Read some sample copy. 



Streetchild United: Website 

Streetchild United is a UK charity that organises sports events for street children around the world. On a pro bono basis, via the Media Trust, I helped them with their website copy, rewriting much of it and giving it a more ‘human’  tone of voice (with less ‘sector-speak’). 


Streetchild United


Elespacio: Newsletters, video scripts, case studies

Elespacio is a boutique agency based in Berlin and Barcelona. As their regular copywriter, I’ve written PR material (case studies, video and audio scripts, articles and newsletters about their work) and material such as tone of voice guidelines for their clients, which include Nespresso, Freixenet, and Victorinox. Read some sample copy. 


Fantasy corner: Spec ads

These are written to briefs that don’t exist for clients that aren’t my clients. They’re just for fun and for practice and to keep my brain ticking when I have a spare five minutes.

Horniman robot zoo spec ad
Woodland Trust
Horniman spec ad 3 1
Woodland Trust
Pet remedy