For Target (then called Target B+), a financial services start-up, I wrote the copy for marketing materials to be used in the run-up to launch. The following is the copy for a business card and a sales leaflet to be distributed to potential clients.


Fast, flexible, future-ready

Introducing the first mortgage platform built for customer experience

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The future of mortgage lending

Target B is revolutionising the mortgage industry. Our mortgage platform is the first to be built from the ground up, putting the customer experience first, using cutting-edge technology.

We’re transforming the mortgage application process for the lender, the broker and for the customer, making it fast, seamless and transparent.

We’ve spoken at length to lenders, brokers and customers in the UK to find out what they need to make their mortgage journey a better one. We’ve used scientific UX research to design a white label platform that’s flexible, scalable, tailored to different needs and, most of all, fast and seamless.

Fit for the digital transformation that’s happening across the entire financial services industry, Target B’s suite of products enables lenders to accelerate their mortgage application process, give customers a better experience and future-proof their business.


Enter the digital revolution

Lenders need to be ready to benefit from the innovations happening across the mortgage industry, government and beyond. Our suite of products is fully integrated with the leading third-party APIs that help streamline and simplify the mortgage journey.

  • Open banking.  A data feed from the customer’s bank gives an instant, accurate picture of financial information from validating income to analysing expenditure. There’s no need for customers to provide bank statements or pay slips. And the latest AI technology interprets the data, helping underwriters assess the risk and making the decision process easier and faster.
  • Broker sourcing. Integration with third-party sourcing platforms cuts down the amount of time brokers spend inputting data at the start of the process. Data only needs to be entered once and Target B’s platform imports the data automatically.
  • Land Registry. HM Land Registry’s planned ‘Digital Street’ project will give lenders and solicitors instant access to data on land ownership. Target B’s platform has embedded the technology such as blockchain and ‘smart contracts’, already being used to complete the post-mortgage process in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Origination, decisioning and primary servicing systems. Our design is modular, so you can choose which modules, products and level of service you need. We can provide entire solutions or integrate them with your existing platforms. It makes future-proofing easy.


Fast, flexible and future-ready

Target B’s suite of products transforms and accelerates the mortgage application process for lenders, brokers and customers. It’s much faster, more flexible and more transparent.

This is the first digital mortgage platform in a generation to be designed from the ground up, and the first to be genuinely built around customer experience. It integrates fully with digital innovations such as open banking and third-party APIs, so everything from credit checks to valuations can be carried out in an instant. The process from point of sale to offer can be cut from several weeks to just 90 minutes.

Open banking and valuation data is not only automatically provided, but also interpreted and understood, using advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. This means decisions can be instant, conversions happen much more quickly and you can cut your overheads and operational costs significantly in the process. 

As well as systems for lenders and brokers, our suite of products also includes a portal for customers. Keeping your customers engaged and on board with personalised financial tools and insights means that when the time comes to switch products with the same lender, they can do so in a few easy online steps.

Target B’s suite of products is white-labelled and tailored to your organisation, so you can pick and choose the functionality you need. Whether it’s a full servicing platform or it’s combined with your existing system, you’ll be future-proofed and fit for the digital transformation of the industry.

4. [Hard benefits sell]

  • Cut operational costs. Data only needs to be entered once, meaning less repetition, less admin and paperwork and less manual intervention so you can keep your costs down. Automatically imported banking data and digital document uploads are just two features that help streamline the process.
  • Cut the time to offer to less than two hours. With open banking and third-party API integration, you can cut out weeks of waiting and make virtually instant decisions.
  • Retain your customers. The mortgage offer is just the beginning of your customer relationship. Our CX and UX experts have designed our platform to engage your customers long after completion. The customer portal makes it much easier to switch products with the same lender than to go elsewhere.
  • Cross-sell and upsell. We offer customers a suite of tools to keep them engaged long after the mortgage process has ended, giving them valuable insights into their property, mortgage and financial health. This also helps lenders offer regulated advice that’s more relevant and personalised to the customer.
  • Less contact with brokers. Our platform offers a better, more transparent and seamless experience both for the customer and the broker. We make it easy for brokers to do their job, track the application and keep customers up-to-date and happy.

5. [hard benefits for brokers statement]

A faster broker journey

We have built our platform based on behavioural science research into customer needs. This also makes the broker’s job faster and easier.

At the start of the process, they only need to input information into their third-party sourcing platform once. Our platform then pulls in all the data automatically so there’s no need to input the information again.

Through integration with data sources such as open banking, the customer’s financial information and credit rating is transparent, instant and accurate, which is better for both the broker and the customer.

A realistic picture of the customer’s finances means the broker can give realistic regulated advice on mortgage products, cutting out the uncertainty for the customer and the frustration of a rejected application. The real-time status of the application is available to view at the touch of a button, meaning less time spent on phone calls and emails.

And, potentially, brokers can complete the entire process from initial contact to mortgage decision and offer in less than two hours. This way the broker can provide a better service and satisfy more customers in less time.


Transforming the customer experience

Target B has created the first mortgage platform genuinely built around the customer experience. Our suite of products is the result of hours of in-depth research into customer needs, which has been interpreted by behavioural scientists. From finding the right mortgage to completion and beyond, the experience is fast, seamless and transparent.

There’s no need for customers to provide bank statements and pay slips, thanks to integration with open banking. Decisions can be instant, so the stress, uncertainty and the weeks of waiting are taken away, and once the application is made, the customer can see its status whenever they want.

Through our customer portal, they can view insights into their finances, track their property value and mortgage statements and, where their mortgage lender allows, they can snooze or increase payments and more.

Crucially, they’ll be engaged for the long-term. If they want to switch products, they can simply log on and do so with a few clicks and without having to go through the process again with another lender.  

8. Who we are: the Target B story

Target B is a joint venture with a mission to revolutionise the lending market in the UK. It was set up by two companies, Target and The BIO Agency, which are owned by Tech Mahindra, a multinational technology group.

Target is a business transformation/financial services provider, with decades of experience of working with major financial institutions. The group is an expert in lending and investments and in helping businesses improve the way they serve their customers.

The BIO Agency is an award-winning digital transformation agency, which creates user-centred, industry-leading digital experiences.

Together, they have created Target B to completely transform the mortgage experience for lenders, customers and brokers.

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Be part of the future of mortgage-lending

If you would like to find out how you can future-proof your business and transform your mortgage application process, get in touch.

We can show you around Target B’s suite of products and explain how we can integrate them with your existing systems or provide an entire white-labelled system tailored to your needs.

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