Thames 21

This was a pro bono project, via the Media Trust, for a London-based charity that works to improve rivers, canals and lakes. I helped the marketing manager write a brochure aimed at businesses, encouraging them to take part in corporate volunteering and sponsorship.

Sample copy:

Our rivers, our responsibility, your business

How your company can help protect London’s waterways

Who we are

We are London’s leading waterway charity. We work with volunteers and businesses, big and small, to make our rivers, canals, ponds and lakes better places for wildlife – and better places for people.

London is famous for its green spaces and beautiful waterways, from the mighty Thames to the Regent’s Canal. Sadly, some of Britain’s most polluted rivers are right here in London.

There’s no legal duty for local councils to remove rubbish once it’s in the water, so unless someone else takes it out, it stays there.

It’s not only littering and fly-tipping threatening our waterways. Our rivers are polluted by raw sewage and when rain runs off roads into rivers, it takes oil and heavy metals from cars with it.

What’s worse is that much of the debris and pollution in our waterways ends up in the ocean.

Added to this, our rivers have been straightened, paved over and hidden away over the years. Their ecological value is being destroyed, and the wildlife habitats they provide are disappearing. In short, they desperately need our help.

For 15 years, we’ve been making London’s waterways better, healthier places for wildlife and for people to enjoy. And we need businesses like yours, who share our vision, to help us.


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